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10% reduction in waste generation rate in Ras Al Khaimah

Thursday 3 September 2020

The Waste Management Agency of the Public Services Department in Ras Al Khaimah revealed a 10% decrease in waste generation during the first five months of this year, due to the failure to receive restaurants and ready-made food outlets for visitors, in compliance with the new coronavirus prevention measures. The WMA AGENCY explained that the amount of waste collected in the emirate since the implementation of precautionary measures from March 29 to July 1 reached 56 thousand and 619 tons, compared to 62 thousand and 638 tons in the same period last year, while the amount of waste collected during the first five months of this year is estimated at 97 thousand and 480 tons of waste. She pointed out that the collection of waste is carried out in the usual ways or through requests provided through our electronic services, as the Public Services Department provided all services through the smart Platform MRAK for each institution of the Public Services Department without the need to receive customers in the Happiness customers,center as channels of electronic payment and communication numbers were provided through the application of "WhatsApp" for the transactions and services of the executive institutions of the Department to ensure the functioning of performance and the flow of services and the completion of transactions smoothly and without interruption. With regard to hazardous medical waste sought for CORONA patients, the Foundation said that it follows the procedures adopted in the state and stipulated by the Emergency and Crisis Management Authority to dispose of hazardous medical waste and laboratory test ing waste, especially testing for coronavirus through incineration technology, taking into account the best environmental practices and standards for this process. She explained that the waste sits periodically in accordance with the special plans already established, which included documented and approved contracts between the Waste Management Corporation, public and private hospitals, clinics and accredited screening centers, where these wastes are placed with yellow bags dedicated to this process and sealed and transported by vehicles dedicated to medical waste and kept in a private, closed and isolated place, to be disposed of and treated by contracted companies using the burning technique on a daily basis.


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