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مراكز إسعاد المتعاملين


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You can contact PSD via : calling : 072285688 Email Social media channels : @rakpsd inquiry form :
The main building of the PSD in Qusaidat area – Khazam 072285688 Street Al-Fleyah Customer Centre (-072272555): shoka branch + 97165397918 Wadi isfini branch + 97168035555 Animal Care Center 0563576524:
The psd is composed of four operational agencies . Each agency is competent to provide certain services within its specialization: -First: The Works agency : 1 Modify a temporary route 2 settlement plots 3 wall l protection 4 Work Permit Equipment 5 Demolition Waste Management agency : 1 container application 2 Clean up site 3 Commercial container application 4. Request for disposal of materials 5 Clean Site report post-project 6 Ordering Garbage Bags waste water agency 1 Extract a non-objection certificate for both of: Approve a chart Certificate of Achievement Plumbing Network Delivery To whom it concerned 2 denial of sanitation application Agriculture and landscape agency Cut the weed and the tress. Transport of the trees of the ghaf and sommer services department - and Accident Clearance Payment of censorship irregularities E-Services via Caroline Payment of sewer bills -Animal Care Centre services
down load MRAK application choose pwsd and choose tge service you need
By Application Mrak or by the personal appearance of the customer happiness Center
Call: 072272424
Where can I complain about sewage network blockages?
By contacting the emergency number 24 hours 80081118
Through Customer happiness Centers
Yes. You can appeal through the public service's personal appearance with the original fine paper and submit an application that will be reviewed and considered by Committee.
Via electronic complaints link Https:// -Contact Number 80081118 -Personal attendance of the General Services Department
A text message is sent for all transaction transactions for the number entered when the transaction is opened. Transactions can also be followed up when submitting a request by applying Mrak
What are the parks belonging to the public services department? -Saqr Park -Khazam Park -Residential gardens in different areas of the emirate Al Oraibi Park – aljazeera al hamra Garden – Shaam Women's Park – al bait mitwahid garden in aldhait . shoka garden


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