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About PWSD

​​The Public Works and Services Department (PWSD) is one of the oldest local departments in Ras Al Khaimah, where the late Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi issued the decree of its establishment in 1965. However, the department appeared with its modern organization as an entity with several services in 1985 when the first law was issued to identify its specializations and grant it various authorities in the field of supervision on different facilities which provide infrastructure services, civic projects, and public services for citizens. This law was the march of developmental breakthrough in the Emirate, as it witnessed an architectural and cultural renaissance that significantly strengthened the infrastructure of the Emirate.

The PWSD is a civil governing institute through which the interests and services of the modern society of the Emirate intertwined that there is no room here to review all activities and tasks it performs for the Emirate and its citizens, as the department is implementing many service projects in the Emirate yearly in addition to the significant role it plays in the economic, social, environmental, agricultural, healthcare and other services sectors.​

In 2017, the executive Council of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah approved the restructuring ​​​​of the public works and services department,  and is replaced by Public Services Department The PSD is followed by fourAgencies  consisting of the waste water agency.Wate management agency  The Works agency and the landscape agency/ , 

The public services Department is a civil governance institution that is intertwined with the interests and services of modern society in the emirate, so there is no room here to review all the activities and tasks that it performs for the emirate and citizens, it implements many service projects in the emirate every year. The Department implements projects and government buildings, supervises the maintenance of roads and the cleanliness of the emirate, organizes dealings with local government and federal departments, and works to reduce the streets that violate the laws of the Emirate. In addition to its significant role in the economic, social, health, environmental, Agricultural and other Services.




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