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About Public Services Department

  To develop a huge infrastructure that will support the social and economic growth of the country. The contribution of the   Department of Public Services to the overall economic and social development of the Emirate is fundamental to the future     of Ras Al Khaimah.   

 The Public  Services Department operates according to an institutional strategy that defines its direction and the operational    procedures that must be followed in order to achieve its mission and vision. In line with its strategy and objectives, the       Department works to deliver projects that apply best practices in infrastructure development and management. 


  The strategy of the Public  Services Department is based on achieving the following objectives:

  1-  Achieving excellence:

 Achieving excellence in the delivery of projects and services is essential for the continued success of the Public  Services     Department, and the delivery of our projects and services on time and within the budget allocated to them while ensuring   the required quality standards are important factors for this success. The Public  Services Department focuses on the added   value for money paid and the environmental sustainability of our projects and services, and also seeks to ensure asset   readiness and reduce customer inconvenience. ...


   2-  Developing competencies and staff:

  Developing the competencies of staff remains a priority for the Public  Services Department, while investing in attracting    and developing capabilities to ensure that there are sufficient and efficient human resources to support the needs of our     customers.

     We will continue to develop public-private partnerships and ensure a resilient supply chain for the Department of Public          Services. The Public Services Department will also continue to promote economic growth for Ras Al Khaimah's small and        medium enterprises.  


   3- Customers and stakeholders:

  Clients, whether residents of Ras Al Khaimah or Ras Al Khaimah government sectors for whom we work, expect     to efficiently fulfill our commitments. As a service organization, we will continue to focus on improving the value     of  our  services to customers and stakeholders. To achieve this effectively, we must improve our understanding   of  customers and stakeholders and their needs by applying best practices, and monitoring and improving our performance   based on their feedback. This will only be achieved by delivering on our promises to customers, gaining and maintaining   trust to remain at the center of the Ras Infrastructure Development Program ....

  The Public Services Department has 4 affiliated  executive Agencies :

Ø  Works Agency

Ø  Waste Water Agency

Ø  Waste Management Agency

Ø  Land Scape Agency . 


  These Executive Agencies  are concerned with the affairs of infrastructure in the Emirate for the maintenance and   development of all roads and drainage networks in the Emirate. It oversees the construction and maintenance of roads and   drainage networks in the emirate by working with specialized partners and contractors, with the aim of developing road and   drainage networks and improving the levels of connectivity between them.  that meet the current and future needs of Ras Al   Khaimah.  It also works on the implementation of projects and government buildings, supervising the process of road   maintenance and cleanliness of the emirate, organizing dealing with local government and federal departments, and   working to reduce the department of public services and streets that violate the laws of the emirate. In addition to its great     role in the economic, social, health, environmental, agricultural and other services.


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