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Project Detail

Al Maereedh project

Thursday 1 November 2018

The project will create an economic changes and , provide a special service and support for the shops and the people, while the positions of vehicles, sidewalks and the road's substrate have been completed. One aspect of the project's importance is that it makes the main route presentation similar to that of the federal road. G.D OF PSD explained that the second phase begins in the second quarter of 2019, and the work extends from the signal "target ", which will replace the rotor, down to the circle of Rams, north, about 7 kilometers long, explaining that the work at this stage will be easier and will not affect the traffic flow, because of the large size of the average island Over there. This phase includes transforming the current route on the end street to the shops and "Street services ", transforming the median island into a new two-way road, which will be wider than the old road, and each direction consists of 3 lanes.


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